Chapter Accounting

Chapter Bookkeeping

FMA can keep records for your fraternity or sorority. We also can keep records for House Corporations. Our Accounting Manager balances bank statements, deposits monies, and keeps copies of all financial records as required by the IRS. Some of the other services provided by F.M.A. include, issuing checks for monthly bills, monthly financial reports, assisting chapters in budgeting, accounts receivable, membership billing, and assisting in 990 reporting for the federal government. A payroll service is also available. This service generates paychecks, calculates deductions, and handles all tax reporting.

F.M.A. can do ALL or SOME of your bookkeeping for you?

Services include Billing Members, Paying Bills, and Preparing your year-end 990 Form. Here is a Highlight of our Bookkeeping service.

  • Monthly Reports
    • Complete income and expense statements
    • Mailed or emailed to advisors, house corporations, and national office as needed
  • Quarterly Member Billing
    • Preparation of a standard bill
    • Current member statement
    • Mailed to Provided Address
  • Year-End Reports
    • Prepare and File your annual 990 tax return
  • Computerized Book-Keeping System Customized to your Organization
  • Write Checks to Pay Bills
    • The treasurer must sign all checks
  • Prepare Deposits and Take to the Bank
  • Reconcile the Checking Account
  • Provide Current Accounts Receivable List
  • Assist in the Budgeting Process By Providing Past Income and Expense Reports
  • Payroll
    • Issue Paychecks
    • Automatic payment for all payroll taxes
    • Issue W-2’s at year-end
    • Calculation of deductions

Please contact Cathy Scowden for a price quote if you are interested in retaining bookkeeping services for your chapter.  We can customize our services to suit your needs! Please note there are additional minimal fees for outsourced payroll.

Services Provided for an additional cost:

  • Mailing Labels
  • Bulk Postage
  • Letters to IRS
  • Accept Credit Cards for member payments

F.M.A. also provides financial services for Alumni housing corporations. Services include preparation of checks and depositing of receipts, record-keeping, preparation of financial statements, and preparation of proper income tax returns. Please tell your Alumni groups of this great opportunity!